Easy Herb Roasted Turkey

Happy day everyone, and welcome. We posted this week, so you have time to shop for your supplies next week! When I planned the menu for our dinner, it excited me to try some new things. As I have shared before, I’m a simple Iowa fellow. I Meat and potatoes, nothing creative, nothing different. I would have been happier with my creamy mashed potatoes and plain sweet corn, alongside some great stuffing, which I loved and our fabulous turkey Tommy. Last week, I told you about my lack of experience with cooking whole birds when I posted the Roasted Chicken with Lemons. If you do not want to do a turkey, that chicken is a fantastic alternative. I approached this turkey with the same care that I did our chicken. What I did not tell you last week was my tendency to name everything. I mean, I call things. It is named Chicco easy enough, that is the brand, and he has a tag in the middle of the chair. So, I started calling him Chicco. I name our fresh Christmas trees named after the tree, such as Douglas or Noble. Our pumpkins were named, and I named our first chicken and our first turkey. So, let me introduce you to our turkey. His name is Tommy, Tommy, Turkey! I have seen so many shows about making a turkey and seen so many posts about making whole chicken that I went with it. So, this recipe was my first attempt, but it couldn’t have gone better. All the herbs from the turkey dripped into the pan with the butter, making for an excellent gravy base. I hope you enjoy it. The turkey does not seem to be so photogenic, but he is all about being delicious, moist, and memorable! Even a person who is not a fan of turkey loved it! The fantastic herb gravy that I made to go with this will be a separate post. It needs its position as it is a love story. Trust me! I ate it with bread, a lot!

Easy Herb Roasted Turkey

– 12 to 14 of pound of whole turkey.

– Two sticks of unsalted butter softened.

– Two tablespoons of garlic powder.

– One tablespoon dried rosemary.

– One tablespoon dried basil.

– Two teaspoons ground sage.

– One teaspoon salt.

– Half teaspoon black pepper.

– Two cups of water.

– Preheat oven to 325°.

First, prepare your turkey by removing innards and washing inside and out in cold water. Next, set turkey on a rack in a roasting pan and slide a hand under the skin to separate the skin from the meat. Tuck wings under turkey.

In a small bowl, combine butter, garlic, basil, rosemary, sage, salt, and pepper with a fork. Using your hands, coat turkey with your butter mixture. Slide hands under the skin to rub herb butter mixture over the meat.

Rub mixture all over the top, side, and legs and under the skin. Pour water into the pan. Cover turkey with aluminum foil, bake for three and a half hours and basting if you prefer, or until the temperature in the thickest part of the thigh reads 165 degrees or more. Turkey will continue to cook once removed from the oven.


Run a checklist in your head before you put the turkey in the oven, ensure you have added the water, smothered the turkey in the butter mixture, and tucked the wings. If you forget to fold the wings as I did. You can use tongs to do this after it is in the oven but be warned your turkey is less cooperative once it has baked.. It took me a lot of patience to get those slippery, cooked wings tucked. Not to mention they poked through my aluminum foil.

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